Famous car stores with luxury cars

When most of us come to change our cars, we know that probably within a 10 mile radius, we can expect to find a showroom offering the wares of all the major manufacturers from around the world. We can pop along, have a squint around the current range and see what deals they have to persuade us to part with the hard earned folding. And then we decide to buy the equivalent of our last car.

But what if something has happened and all of a sudden the possibilities change, a rich aunt (hopefully that you didn’t know) remembers you in her will or your lottery numbers turn up, and something a little more exotic is within reach. Where do you go?



Most people with automatically turn to buying a Ferrari. And so you go to Maranello, obviously. No, not the Italian town where the company lives and builds the road and racing cars (the factory has trees in there to help with the correct air quality!). It’s a showroom on the Egham by-pass in Surrey, just off junction 13 of the M25.
I used to work around a mile away in Staines some years ago, and used to walk around the forecourt occasionally at lunchtime, dribbling with desire. And it’s still a 328 GTS for me, ta. Red, white leather interior.

Everything Else

However, if you wanted a wider choice of marque, either new or possibly something that you grew up admiring, there are specialist dealers who can supply such machinery for you.
Tom Hartley are one of the better known and live in Swadlincote in Derbyshire and they can put you into close contact with such things, be they Italian, German or English old or new.
However, if that is a little Northerly and inconvenient, then HR Owen have a network of showrooms across England and offer a range of cars that would make any fan of Top Gear sit on the floor and weep at having to make such a choice.

Of course the process of choosing something special should be fun, and because of the numbers on the window stickers, you can look forward to being thoroughly spoiled and fawned over by anxious sales executives who will be desperate to get their paws on your debit card, in return for plenty of test drives, track experiences. It’s a process very much to be enjoyed.