How Much Do You Need to Win to Buy a Great Car?

When buying a vehicle, many motorists think of taking out a loan based on their salaries or other sources of income. While it is a pretty straightforward means of owning a vehicle, the monthly loan repayments can be gruelling hence, the need to look for alternative methods of financing the purchase.

Poker has become a popular means of earning additional cash. Regular poker players have mastered the art of playing the game to accumulate adequate capital to make investments, e.g., buying a vehicle. But, how much can you make when playing poker? Sadly, there is no definite answer to this question as numerous factors come into play- skill, type of game (cash game or tournament) and the number of buy-ins. Cash games, for example, generate a more consistent income but may fail to achieve scores associated with tournaments. So, how can you improve your earning potential to buy your dream car?

Monitor your Wins and Losses

You can do this by calculating your win rate. The win rate refers to the amount the player is likely to win at poker compared to the number of hands played. Players with a positive win rate can accumulate cash over time as the profit exceeds the total expenses associated with playing the game.

Study the Game

Poker is always evolving, and monitoring trending changes in the game is essential for professional and novice players. For example, a while ago, strong players could use a three-bet to pre-flop with a wide range and make profits from opponents who folded too easily. This strategy is no longer useful as many players began to use this approach to play aggressively. Players are now raiding fewer pre-flops and have reduced their opening bets from 3bbs to 2bbs and 2.5bbs. Joining training reviews and online communities help improve a player’s earning potential.

Your Frequency of Playing

You also need to determine how much you need to play to accumulate the desired amount. A recreational player may take longer to accumulate cash compared to a regular player. Regular players can also increase their profits even when their win rates are low.