New Look Mercedes Benz A Class Cars Take Some Beating

Mercedes Benz A-Class Cars have always offered a spacious interior, but a surprisingly compact exterior. While the design of the earlier models, first launched in 1997 and discontinued in 2012, may best be described as functional, but a major revamp in 2012 means that the new models are set to offer a more luxurious and sportier alternative to cars like the Audi A3 and the BMW 1-Series. The new hatchback comes with a host of optional extras, too, which will enable you to create exactly the look, and benefit from exactly the range of technology and features, that you want from a car.


Earlier Generations

The first A-Class was a five door hatchback, which launched in 1997, and was most notable for being tall. For those that appreciated the design, though, there were many benefits. The car was as well made as would be expected from a Mercedes, more affordable than most of the other cars from the German manufacturer, and it offered a surprising amount of space within the vehicle, despite being relatively small on the outside.

Generational Size Differences

Some of the height issues were fixed in the second generation of the car. The three door hatchback model sat six inches lower, but still offered the same benefits that the original did. The most recent model has a similar height and ride height to cars like the Audi A3. It is no longer tall, but having effectively been squashed down, this means that it is also than its earlier counterparts.

2012 Model Design

The new model Mercedes Benz A Class cars are simply stunning. They still represent the entry level model of Mercedes, but you can upgrade everything so that you have the latest technology, the biggest wheels, and the trim that meets your demands. It is a head turner, with sweeping lines, bonnet creases, and LED clusters that stand out even when they’re not illuminated.

Mercedes Luxuries

It is also typically luxurious, in that Mercedes way. Drivers barely hear a noise from the outside or from the engine, and the ride comfort is also excellent. Soft leather, soft plastics, and a choice of electronic wizardry inside the car only serve to further add to the feeling of luxury, although some of the practicality of the original has been lost, as you would expect with the loss of height.

Mercedes A Class

The new Mercedes Benz A Class cars cost a little more than the likes of the Golf and the Focus, especially if you want one of the sports or AMG trims, but they have a bigger boot and are arguably better looking and more luxurious than alternatives like the A3 and even the 1-series. Diesel versions will even give economy of around 70mpg, which is impressive by any fuel consumption standards. Spend a little extra to enjoy some driving luxuries, and you should be more than impressed.