Practical tools for car dealers

Trolley Jack

A trolley jack makes quick work of any inspection job, outside or in. Trolley jacks are easy to manoeuvre and are ideal for use in a confined space.

Vehicle mover

With a vehicle mover, one person working in a small space can move even heavier cars with ease and without risk of injury. Stringo have a wide range of vehicle movers so customers can select the one that meets their needs. Even the smallest model is capable of moving cars weighing up to 2000k with ease.


Compressors power a wide range of air tools used by car dealers, such as air drills, air ratchets and air wrenches.


Essential for all businesses, computers are used by car dealers as an information resource, for stock control and to communicate with their customers.

Diagnostic Fault Error Code Reader

A piece of diagnostic equipment that scans engines and reads error codes is a necessary tool that will save you a lot of time by finding the cause of electronic faults quickly and easily.

Tool chest

Mechanics need a good tool chest; it helps them to keep all their tools well-organised and in top condition. Tool chests come in a wide choice of sizes and finishes and can be something of a status symbol amongst mechanics. And don’t forget the tools!

Retractable airline hose

Retractable airline hoses carry air from compressors to all the air tool used by car dealers. When not in use they retract to a wall fitting, enabling operatives to keep the workshop floor space clear. They also supply air to air-fed masks worn by paint sprayers.

Electric polisher

Car dealers need an electric polisher to get all their cars gleaming. Simple to use, they give a shining, professional finish to any car body.

Waste oil heater

In the winter, it is necessary for car dealer to heat their workshop. A workshop heater which uses waste engine oil as fuel is an excellent idea. It saves money in gas or electricity bills, and also saves the cost to the dealer of disposing of waste oil. Waste oil heaters have to be registered with the local council.

Rechargeable LED lamp

Rechargeable lamps are useful for inspection jobs: their powerful beam gives enough light for any fiddly job. Some are magnetic and can be clamped onto the underside of the car bonnet for convenience.