The Most Popular Brands of Cars

There are a very large amount of car manufacturers to be found all over the world. However, only a relatively small percentage of these really manage to grab any sort of significant market share over time. In this article we will look at a rundown of the most popular brands of cars currently on the market today, as well as having a look at why the respective brands have been able to perform so well in an already crowded marketplace.



The Toyota brand still sits at the top of the pack when it comes to popularity amongst buyers. Its reputations for combining excellent engineering and attractive aesthetics at a price that makes sense, have gone a long way towards helping it achieve this accolade. Toyota also excels with its advertising, as was exemplified with its legendary marketing campaign with the slogan ‘The car in front is a Toyota’. It provides a good degree of much-desired luxury at a price that makes sense.


Not too far behind sites Ford. Ford has produced a string of affordable and attractive car models, such as the Mondeo and the Fiesta, which have been cleverly positioned towards different sections of the market. This combined with a high level of customer loyalty has helped keep it as one of the most popular car brands in the world.


Renowned for its reliability, precision engineering and classy designs, BMW continually ranks as one of the most popular car brands in the world. It has truly global appeal, at least part of which is driven by it being a strong symbol of class status.


A similarly well performing car brand to BMW in terms of popularity is Audi. With incredibly stylish designs backed up by an outstanding reputation for reliability built upon German technological expertise, it is easy to see why Audi consistently remains in the top 20 spots for car brand popularity.


Although about a decade ago, Volvo suffered through a bit of a rough patch with the launch of a couple of unreliable models, their fortunes have been on the up in recent years. Their great reputation for safety and strong Scandinavian designs has driven popularity, especially with families.

Other Popular Brands

Beyond the above mentioned car brands, others that prove consistently popular with consumers include Mercedes-Benz, Honda and Jaguar.